Check out our Podcast!

Check out our Podcast!

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Check out our Podcast!

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​​​​Non Diligamus Verbo Nec Lingua Sed En Opere Et Veritate
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Faith is more than religion. It's about a personal relationship between a person and God. God designed a life path for each and every one of us. Sometimes, we loose sight of our path and thus, our connection with God. That's where we, your church family at Dallas Universal Life Church step in. Together, we have strength and as individuals we strive to better our personal relationship with God.

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Non Diligamus Verbo Nec Lingua Sed En Opere Et Veritate
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: In an effort to combat the spread of the Coronavirus, social distancing rules apply.and It is recomended that all may wear a mask covering the nose and mouth but this is optional. ******** If you cannot visit us in person, all scheduled church services can be seen on our YouTube channel or you can listen on our podcast. Links to both can be found on our main homepage. ******** Please join us every Sunday at 3:00 PM for Service, Communion, and The Bishop's Roundtable. ***** ......... ** ***............l

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