Life Lessons with Bishop Mark

​​​​Non Diligamus Verbo Nec Lingua Sed En Opere Et Veritate
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Non Diligamus Verbo Nec Lingua Sed En Opere Et Veritate
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Please join us every Sunday at 3:00 PM for Service and The Bishop's Roundtable. ***** Holy Communion is celebrated on the third Sunday of every month. All are welcome to participate! ***............******** If you cannot visit us in person, check out our On Air section for all the ways to watch ********

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In an everchanging world where information is available at peoples fingertips, it is imperative that anyone with any message they want to convey, makes that message available . That is also true with a church which must keep up with the times not only to say relevant but also remain accessible to all. Dallas Universal Life Church and its members strive to do just that. Please click the on air link to the right and prick from the sub menu of different places you can see our services, special events and more.

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